At Paradise Park you will see lots of animals including many rare and beautiful parrots, colourful birds, Cornish choughs, flamingos, and toucans. The park has over 650 birds there is a spectacular collection to see. You can also see lots of wildlife including Red pandas, species of otter and some Red squirrels. The Farm has so many animals you can enjoy such as donkeys, goats, guinea pigs, rabbits and much more.

Parrots and exotic birds are a real speciality and a great deal of the success in breeding these birds is due to the award winning Parrot Flight- which is a vast 150ft aviary where birds can choose their own mates and congregate in very natural conditions. The flight produces very healthy and energetic birds.

Daily events give an insight into lots of natural behaviours of many species in captivity. Twice daily penguin and otter feeding happen all year, while the magnificent Free Flying Bird Show, Eagles of Paradise and ‘Flight of Rainbows’ parrot feeding event start at Easter each year. Visitors can buy a pot of nectar to feed the lively and colourful little Lorikeets during Flight of the Rainbows in the walk-through Australian Aviaries.